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Full Version: Darkness Closes In Hell[CANCELLED]
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Hello everyone,I am working on mod Called Darkness Closes In Hell. It will contain monsters from Penumbra Including Roach(Possibly,for more information on roach,scroll down)

here u can see updates,screens and more... (site will be updating):

It will contain items Like:

Flashlight(Avaible only in orginal ver)
Glowstick(Only in Sequel Ver.)
Pickaxe(In Both Versions)

And more...

Current Monsters:

Penumbra Dog
Penumbra Infected
Orginal Servant brute and grunt.
The gatherer:Modfied grunt with brute power.
Roach(Has Big problems.Read below for more info)
Intelligencer(Scrapped In Canncelld Alpha Because they were purchased By Damascus)
Remnant-Same reason As Intell.

The Roach Info:
I need Help with the Penumbra Tech demo roach!
sometimes i got like 20 errors with him
and sometimes 1 error called Time something....

Can someone help me? Has someone already converted The Roach and is free to use? Please anwser and Help me to make DCIH Faster! Smile
I would happily help if i could. I am not one of those importer guys. But i am sure you'll find one. Wink
Sorry,i cannot send any videos from this Custom Story. However,i made a short gameplay Where u meet The Basile From justine. There`s a link: