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Full Version: Someone Send TDD Entities, Static Objects?
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I wanted to import amfp assets to tdd that worked perfectly
but now i want to delete the amfp assets
and i forgot to make a backup of tdd
can someone send me
the tdd assets (entities, static objects and textures) ?
I do not know if someone can upload just these files by themselves for violation of terms or stuff, but I would think that even though it is a hassle, you should just uninstall and reinstall TDD. If you don't want to do this, you MAY be able to get away with deleting all the files which have a later date modified time, but I wouldn't recommend this, because it could in turn just result in a reinstall anyways.

Where did you purchase your game? If you got it from Steam, just uninstall and redownload the game, then re-import the AAMFP assets (if needed).

If you do not have Steam and bought a retail copy, you can redownload it from here:
Do not distribute the game files for free, just re-install the game mate.