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Full Version: Why is Amnesia's logo an eye?
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Instead of starting a new thread, I'll just post this here.

The icon for Amnesia (on Mac only as I noticed, unsure about Linux though) has changed with the 1.3 update. Anyone know why, or why it wasn't done to Windows?

The new icon looks like this:
Spoiler below!
[Image: icon128-2x.png]

Oh, and just as reference, here are the old TDD and the current AMFP icons:
Spoiler below!
[Image: Lux.175x175-75.png][Image: icon128-2x.png]

It looks much more like AMFP's icon than the old TDD icon. I'm curious why this was changed.

Edit: I found the source of the icon. Apparently it was drawn by someone named David Satzinger, who said he drew icons for the Mac versions of Amnesia and Penumbra. Here's the page.
Probably because Amnesia ia a game about human evil and the eye is a symbol of the soul.
The soul took a major part of the story in Amnesia. Daniel got manipulated to be a tool of the evil and Oswald's machine was his own soul. People say that when you look into someone's eye you can take a view into his soul.
It was changed to go better with the logo of AMFP, better to be consistent in your designs when building a brand.
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