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Full Version: Short Guide on Importing stuff into Amnesia
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[Image: Amnesia_Import_Export.jpg]
Above is a reminder..

OpenCollada plugins for Maya and 3DSMAX:

Photoshop dxt plugin:

How Amnesia handles naming and textures:

Twitch Video:

Youtube Video:

Questions or things missing? Tell me below.

Edit: Accidentally say 1028x1028 pixels for images once - it should be 1024x1024.

Edit2: Quicker version (conclusion) at 20:45 in the video.
Quick hint for max users, you don't need the collada plugin, Autodesk Collada comes by default with max and works great.
nice tutorial. i guess i know most of the stuff i need to know now.

Though i have a few questions:

What is the difference between a "lambert" and a "blinn" for instance.
What is the preferred way to use and what not to use?

Are your textures handdrawn or are these basically just images put together in photohops to fit the UV Image that you get from maya?

Would i have to recreate material files when i move textures to different folders after having created and "modelviewed" the model already?

PS: Thanks for your efforts. It's much appreciated.
A quick Google search gives you this about Lamberts and Blinns.

Basically it says Lamberts are plain textures with no specularity, whereas Blinns are more complex. Since HPL adds the specular maps on top of the diffuse, a Lambert is all that's needed.

I don't think you need to recreate the .mat files. I, for example, have several models using the same texture, so instead of having a duplicate of the texture in each model folder, I just have a mat file pointing to a shared "textures" folder with the .dds files. Is this what you're asking?
If you move the texture files, you might have to edit the .mat file if it can't find it.
(02-24-2014, 08:46 PM)RaideX Wrote: [ -> ]nice tutorial. i guess i know most of the stuff i need to know now.

Lambert and blinn are materials in maya, changing those won't affect the look of your models in game. I make 90% of my textures with DDO - which basically allows you to generate scratches, dust and so on. It saves me a lot of time.

If not using DDO you can use a combination of photo and 'hand-drawn'. Relying purely on photos (I did that when I just started modeling) will limit your texturing a lot. Traggey has an example on texturing:

Here is another texturing example I've learned from:

If you move textures and .mat files I think the 'mat file' will know - and find the textures. If moving only the textures you will have to redirect the .mat file to the new directory. You can have a .mat file pointing to a folder for shared textures as mentioned above.
Yes, answered all my open questions Smile

Thanks again for helping me out.
Does it also work with blender?
Yes, that should be working.