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I've played through A:TDD and Justine and they both run great, no problems, but last night I downloaded the CS White Night from ModDB and it crashes every 10-20 minutes or so with the message "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION".

This is the first CS that I've played but I followed the instructions and am confident that it is installed correctly. When the game is running everything is fine, and then it crashes unexpectedly. So I restart it and again, it runs fine for another 20 minutes before crashing.

My hpl.log (attached) shows lots of errors, but I'm not sure exactly what they mean.

Additional information...

System specs:
CPU: i5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz
RAM: 8Gb Kingston HyperX @ 1600Mhz
Board: ASUS P8Z77-v Pro

Graphics settings: all highest available

Game version: Steam / BuildID: 37432

If anyone has any idea what is causing this help would be greatly appreciated!

Just gonna spoiler the whole log here for easier access:
Spoiler below!

Version 1.20
-------- THE HPL ENGINE LOG ------------
Engine build ID 20101021192547

Creating Engine Modules
Creating graphics module
Creating system module
Creating resource module
Creating input module
Creating sound module
Creating physics module
Creating ai module
Creating gui module
Creating generate module
Creating haptic module
Creating scene module

Initializing Resources Module
Creating loader handlers
Creating resource managers
Adding loaders to handlers

Initializing Graphics Module
Init lowlevel graphics: 1920x1080 bpp:32 fs:1 ms:0 gpufmt:2 cap:'White Night Loading...' pos:(-1x-1)
Setting video mode: 1920 x 1080 - 32 bpp
Init Glew...OK
Setting up OpenGL
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer: GeForce GTX 780/PCIe/SSE2
Version: 4.4.0
Max texture image units: 32
Max texture coord units: 8
Max user clip planes: 8
Two sided stencil: 1
Vertex Buffer Object: 1
Anisotropic filtering: 1
Max Anisotropic degree: 16
Multisampling: 1
Texture compression: 1
Texture compression S3TC: 1
Auto generate MipMaps: 1
Render to texture: 1
Max draw buffers: 8
Max color render targets: 8
Packed depth-stencil: 1
Texture float: 1
GLSL Version: 4.40 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
ShaderModel 2: 1
ShaderModel 3: 1
ShaderModel 4: 1
OGL ATIFragmentShader: 0
Setting up G-Bugger: type: 0 texturenum: 3
Adding engine materials
Initializing DevIL
Vendor String: Abysmal Software
Version String: Developer's Image Library (DevIL) 1.6.8pre Aug 12 2006
Version Number: 168
Adding engine post effects

Initializing Sound Module
Initializing OpenAL
Available OpenAL devices:
0. Generic Software on Speakers (SteelSeries Diablo III Headset)(OpenAL default)
1. Generic Software on Realtek Digital Output(Optical) (Realtek High Definition Audio)
2. Generic Software on Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Trying to open device 'Generic Software on Speakers (SteelSeries Diablo III Headset)'... Success!
Number of mono sources: 32
Streaming setup: 4 Buffers x 262144 bytes each

Initializing Game Module
Adding engine updates
Initializing script functions

User Initialization

Game Running
-------- Loading map '' ---------
ERROR: Could not open binary file 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/main_menu/main/white_night_bg.map_cache'
ERROR: Could not map cache file 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/main_menu/main/'. MeshEntity Loading: 927 ms
Primitive Loading: 124 ms
Decal Loading: 2 ms
Object Combining: 0 ms
Compilation: 24 ms
Combining: 718 ms
Sorting: 88 ms
Meshes: 25 ms
Bodies: 605 ms
Static Objects: 1796 ms
Entities: 204 ms
Compilation: 3 ms
Total: 2035 ms
Meshes created: 96
Bodies created: 33
-------- Loading complete ---------
Setting profile: 'Mos1ey' Path: 'C:\Users\Jarrod\Documents/Amnesia/White_night/Mos1ey/'
-------- BEGIN LOAD FROM C:\Users\Jarrod\Documents/Amnesia/White_night/Mos1ey/AutoSave_Hospital_2014_3_5_4_34_35_0.sav ---------
-------- Loading map '' ---------
ERROR: Could not open binary file 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/maps/white_night/03_hospital.map_cache'
ERROR: Could not map cache file 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/maps/white_night/'. MeshEntity Loading: 804 ms
Primitive Loading: 1110 ms
Decal Loading: 238 ms
Object Combining: 0 ms
Compilation: 92 ms
Combining: 872 ms
Sorting: 91 ms
Meshes: 33 ms
Bodies: 748 ms
Static Objects: 3134 ms
Entities: 1300 ms
Compilation: 24 ms
Total: 4576 ms
Meshes created: 557
Bodies created: 258
-------- Loading complete ---------
ERROR: Couldn't find 0-face 'flashlight_pos_x', for cubemap 'flashlight' in path: 'flashlight.tga'
WARNING: Couldn't load gobo texture 'flashlight.tga' for light 'PlayerLantern'WARNING: Could not find player start node ''
ERROR: StartPos '' does not exist!
WARNING: Sub mesh 'Servant_Brute1' does not exist in mesh 'enemy_suitor.msh'!
WARNING: Sub mesh 'character_infected_alpha' does not exist in mesh 'character_infected_alpha_idle.msh'!
WARNING: Sub mesh 'character_infected_alpha' does not exist in mesh 'character_infected_alpha_idle.msh'!
Rebuilding node connections and saving to 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/maps/white_night/03_hospital_enemy_suitor.nodes'
Rebuilding node connections and saving to 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/maps/white_night/03_hospital_character_infected_alpha.nodes'
Rebuilding node connections and saving to 'E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/maps/white_night/03_hospital_character_infected.nodes'
-------- END LOAD ---------
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_run_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_run_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_run_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_walk_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_walk_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_walk_generic_hard.snt'
ERROR: Couldn't create SoundEntity 'step_walk_generic_hard.snt'
WARNING: Entity 'prison_section_1' does not exist!

First off it mentions problems loading the .map and .map_cache files. I'm unsure exactly what causes this, but perhaps the other problems are to blame. Further on it says there are problems in the entities and meshes. I don't know why these would do this unless some files are corrupt or something. Where did you download it? Did you get it from a good source with an updated version of it?

Otherwise it just mentions a lot of errors within the maps, but I don't see how they should appear if the exact same files have worked for everyone else. This sounds like faulty files to me. Perhaps someone else knows anything?
I downloaded the mod from ModDB here...

It's the top rated Amnesia mod there, so I guess it must be working for everyone else. :S

I don't understand why everything is fine while I'm playing and then it crashes all of a sudden though. There are no bugged textures or anything else, it just crashes suddenly out of nowhere.

Thanks for your input though, I'll try downloading a fresh version in case something has become corrupt somehow.
Did you replace any files when installing it? Hopefully not.

It would be nice if White Night was made isolated from the main game, because as it is right now, it kinda merges with the default files, which is messy. An update could be done to fix this and perhaps thin out some errors, but I doubt the creator will considering it's already been years.

Well, I'm not really sure why this has happened. Something must be different from other people though. Just gotta find out what.
Try deleting following map cache file and try again. E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Amnesia The Dark Descent/main_menu/main/white_night_bg.map_cache