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Full Version: I would very much like some help please!
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Yeah it works fine ^.^ thanks!

Reputation+ for you and neelke and Badcat Smile

BUT i have 1 more question !

It's simple i wanna make a player can't run when holding shift and stuff just walk like original Amnesia Smile

Edit:I add Reputation!
Edit2:You set activate_plaTer it should be activate_plaYer

(03-25-2014, 09:31 PM)SilentStriker Wrote: [ -> ]FadeRadialBlurTo(float afSize, float afSpeed); is not set to zero?

AddTimer("activate_plater", 3, "FadeIn");

plater ?? you mean player ?? Big Grin nyan nyan Big Grin
If you want the player to only walk and cannot run then add this to the script!


That line is enough by itself. The other line slows down the players walk movement too, which is not what he asked about.

When you want him to be able to run again, just restore the run speed to 1, like this:

Thanks ^.^
Ok i have one more question how to make and it is possible to make a when player enter Area

To not come a black screen it is possible to make WHITE screen or BLUE or RED and if it is can someone show me how.

And 1 more question

I Make that my Light's turn off on area so it's kinda stupid i just turn off i wanna make some effect like Sanity Damage and Sounds Whispering or something ^.^

To don't open new thread Sad
You can use StartEffectFlash to made it flash white, but other than that I don't think you can make it fade in other colors.

If you want whispers, just add them using PlayGuiSound. Or do you want to just use a flashback? Sanity damage is simple enough. Just use GiveSanityDamage(20, true); or so.
He heey i have 1 more question (so boring :D) wanna make some PreMenu can someone explain it to me how to do it i add .lang file but PreMenu i don't wanna configure because i don't know how to don't do something wrong :\
Bump Smile
This was already on the front page, don't bump if it's there ^^
it was not ... ok sorry xD
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