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Full Version: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (support)
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I would like to present you a little Installer, with that you can play Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine on modern systems. You will of course need the original game discs of this good old game!

A friend of mine in germany wrote this great Installer and in addition some game files have been fixed by me to enhance stability on modern systems. The official patch 1.2 by LucasArts is also already included. Everything will get patched automatically after the installation!

Corrections by the Installer:

- Support for 64-bit operating systems.
- Fixed a crash when starting a new game.
- Fixed a crash when starting level 7 (Temple of Palawan).
- Fixed a crash when using fast firearms.
- Fixed various compatibility issues (Indy3D.sdb).


After installation you will get a message, that the game was patched successfully. You now can also install the Indy3D.sdb file using sdbinst.exe tool located in WINDOWS\System32 folder.

Also set administrator rights and Windows XP (SP2) compatibility mode to the Indy3D.exe.

Note that the field-of-view is wrong when using wide screen resolutions. Play in a 4:3 resolution for correct FOV.

That's it. I hope you are now able to enjoy one of the best adventure games ever made!


[Image: 9dngyznu.jpg]

[Image: 4at52g97.jpg]

[Image: q6xmafwv.jpg]

[Image: 75swgnrf.jpg]
I'll give it a try
If only this and Indiana Jones: and the Emperor's Tomb were on the steam store...
Yea forget it, I don't have the game anymore. xD
This game can not be on steam, because it does not run on 64-bit operating systems. It's even not possible to install and if they create a new setup package, the game would crash in several locations.

It's only playable with the installer. But you can get it on second hand shops for only 5 dollars. The game is absolutely worth it.

i downloaded this, i installed it, and when i wanted to run jones3d.exe to start the game my antivirus warned me of a threat. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

also, the link which the original poster provides leads to a site with deceiving ads, it is very easy to click on fake download buttons instead of the real one and end up downloading a VIRUS INSTEAD !!! the original poster should have warned about this!!!

overall stay away from this thread, it will only lead to trouble
Please calm down, OK?

The Jones3D.exe is not a virus. It's a fake alarm of your anti-virus-software!
But you have right with the download service. There are wrong download buttons avaiable. I will update and re-upload the installer to zippyshare.

Something about the Jones3D.exe.
This exe is based on the original 1.2 patched version of the game and had to get modified to fix the crashes when using some guns. Anti-virus-software maybe recognize it as a "crack", but it is only a bug-fix exe.
Why use these taboo upload sites? What about common ones like Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive (I think)? At least Dropbox doesn't use ads at all on the downloads.
(02-05-2015, 11:04 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Why use these taboo upload sites? What about common ones like Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive (I think)? At least Dropbox doesn't use ads at all on the downloads.

Dropbox requires an installed program and a (free) account.
I prefer a completely independent download service.

Zippyshare should be quite good.
it just requires an account. No download req. for smaller files.

Try filebeam.
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