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Full Version: 2014-04 Thursday 3rd, SOMA - Lambda
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In-game shots from the upcoming sci-fi horror game SOMA.
Why was this underwater? I thought SOMA was underwater. But then the section shown is a compartment. So maybe PATHOS-2 had some problems and had to eject a compartment that re-entered Earth's or some other planet's atmosphere (that's if PATHOS-2 was in outer space)
The visuals look amazing Big Grin I couldn't help but wonder if that grass has the animation that you showed in a really old tech feature video, or if it's a model with a specific animation. Either way, it's looking better than ever! Keep up the crazy work!
2015 will be a nice year
Moar I say moar.

Nah jk take your time looking really sexy though!
Computers that work in under the sea after at least a decade...

[Image: 608449dz.jpg]
(04-03-2014, 11:20 PM)Rapture Wrote: [ -> ]Computers that work in under the sea after at least a decade...

[Image: 608449dz.jpg]

You know, I've randomly said that to myself and I wondered where I got the "Futuuuuureee". Now I remember.

Also: Water > Space. So win.
An amazing little teaser. At this point, I do wonder what the actual outside setting is. Personally, I wouldn't mind a horror story set in a deep sea research base. It's a rather underutilised setting in SF horror stories, compared to extrasolar planetary colonies and the like.

Keep up the good work, guys. 8-) Here's hoping the game will be a critical hit on both PCs and PS4s.
Bioshock done right? Never really got into Bioshocks, tried few times, but felt too console like braindead shooting...
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