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Full Version: 2008-12 Tuesday 23rd, Happy Holidays!
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holiday animationAnother year soon at an end and here at Frictional we are closing to take a nice vacation until the beginning of next year. Time really goes by fast as on Thursday next week Frictional Games will turn two years old! That is based on the date the company was registered, another view at it could be when we first started to create a game with an early version of our current game engine. In that case FG is now over four years old as we begun work on Energetic in December 2004!

Looking back at the year we have to mention IGN's 13th Scariest games of this generation, a list were Penumbra: Black Plague ends up as number 4! We also would like to point towards the nice honourable mention of Penumbra: Black Plague by Gamasutra in their Best of 2008: Top 5 PC games.

Happy holidays from us here to everyone out there!

p.s as you can see the work on the new game is progressing well, latest added feature is high quality rendered particle snow flake effects! Wink


Happy holidays, merry Christmas, god jul og godt nyttår! Wink Have a nice one. Big Grin
Merry Christmas! Goth Jul! xD
Cool to hear the Penumbra is at number 4 after FEAR and some other games. I own all FEAR games, yes, they are scary, but not much has Penumra.

Happy Holidays!
I thought it was pretty cool that Penumbra beat all of those big budget multi million dollar horror games in the scaryness department. They did pretty good.
It's called Merry Christmas!

There's no point in happy holidays!
[sarcasm]But you have to _respect_ the atheistic people! :O[/sarcasm]

i'm atheistic myself. But I say merry Christmas anyways, since it IS christmas! ^^
(12-31-2008, 09:59 AM)nackidno Wrote: [ -> ][sarcasm]But you have to _respect_ the atheistic people! :O[/sarcasm]

i'm atheistic myself. But I say merry Christmas anyways, since it IS christmas! ^^

But Christmas is a christian tradition. D'oh? What you mean is that it's winter: Merry Winter.
Yepp, but that doesn't mean that Christmas is out of this world if you're not Christian. Therefore it is Christmas, even if you want it to be or not. ^^

Anyway. That's how I think about it though, everyone don't have to think like me. Wink:
Christmas has long since passed as a christian holiday - the culture has spread around the world. Many celebrate the 25th without celebrating Jesus, Christianity, or the church.
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