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Full Version: Godzilla 2014 Vs Cloverfield.
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You know guys,Japanese godzilla was bad.But theres a new 2014 version which is JUST Awesome! But this is your choice.

Best TV SPOT Of Godzilla 2014 (In my opinion)

Clover OP
I really enjoy Cloverfield and since I don't know much about the new Godzilla (or the old one for that matter ^^) I can't really say which one's better, but for now I'm sticking with Cloverfield. However Cloverfield seem to be taking a lot of heat many times and I don't really understand why, I think it did a great job of doing what they set out to do.
well...Godzilla 2014 is 150x bigger than Pacific Rim robot.

[Image: Godzilla-Empire-2014.jpg]

[Image: clover02zc5.jpg]


Godzilla can also breath an Beam.So,cloverfield would die.
Beams?? Godzilla sounds like some kinda Mary Sue.
(04-13-2014, 05:05 PM)Statyk Wrote: [ -> ]Beams?? Godzilla sounds like some kinda Mary Sue.
ah...Laser from its mouth.But it cannot Do it in orginal 2014.It can breath laser from mouth only At sequels to 2014 or at japanese version.

How about MUTO?

[Image: Godzilla_TV_Spot_Spain_-_9_-_Muto.png]
The Rock Worm... is that you?
[Image: Ghostbusters-Stay-Puft-Man-04.gif]
(04-13-2014, 05:53 PM)Romulator Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Ghostbusters-Stay-Puft-Man-04.gif]

haha.I remember this one.Stay Puft from GhostBusters. Tongue

[Image: 26PUlcQ.gif?1]
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