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Full Version: Abandoned Town (Community Project)
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Page 30 is the New Project
I'm cheaply recycling the old Many Hands thread.

The old version has been dead for quite the while and I kind of miss it :p Just wondering if anyone else would be interested in starting it up again since there's a serious lack of community projects around here lately.

  • Refrain from custom content (anything not Justine/TDD) - including AMFP* (this is the new part) because I'm not sure how many people have the game and patch installed - or even have the models in their redist, which could cause some serious problems when they're trying to test out their map section
  • You should leave at least one open connection for other mappers to add to (a flight of stairs, a door, a hole in the wall/floor, an open wall spot)
  • Keep your contribution under 500kb. This applies to what you've created - not the map as a whole. So if the map is 1.7MB when you get it, try not to increase it above 2.3MB
  • If you contribute to the script file, please make sure your script works
  • Include the script file (with an updated number) even if you didn't edit it
  • To clarify, you don't have to keep the map for all 8 hours - if you're done sooner, post it so someone else can have their fun c:
*Might change if there's enough demand for amfp assets (you can do some pretty cool stuff even without them)

Spoiler below!
  • Only 1 person can be working on the map at any given time
  • You MUST post that you are taking the map
  • You have 8 Hours to add something to it - after that, post. You can always continue working on your portion if you take the map again
  • Please, do NOT edit another person's build (without permission) and definitely do not delete others' contributions
  • Yes, you can take the map multiple times
  • Your map should connect to the previous one - but doesn't need to match it theme-wise (go ahead and jam a mansionbase up against dungeonbase)
  • Mark your territory with a script (just put a script area around your section and change it from "ScriptArea_1" to "YourUsername")
  • Feel free to show off what you've done and post a screenshot
  • When you're finished, change the number of the map and script +1 (ManyHands2_01, ManyHands2_02, etc.)

Comment if you think the rules need tweaking (eg the time is too long, the maximum size should be increased, other people should suck it up because I want amfp assets, etc).

Oh and, for clarification, this is sort of what your post should look like for taking and returning the map:
Quote:I'm taking the map \o/

<any discussion here>
<more discussion by other people (which hopefully happens)>
Quote:I'm done with the map c:
<zip or rar file of the map here>

Here's the First Map and Script
(uploaded to DropBox)
[Image: many_hands_2_0_by_rueppells_fox-d7ei5wd.png]

When this project is done, I can set it up as a playable map.
I was thinking about this last week. I'll contribute to this in the early stages, but I won't go first Smile Let someone more creative and perhaps better at the Editor than me Tongue
No, go for it! I'd love to see what you do with it c:

>.> should probably mention there only skill needed is that you can make a 4-walled room with 2 or more exits, a ceiling, and a floor :p
8 hours...

Well, I'll be awake. Tongue

So yeah, I'm taking the map! Big Grin
Yay :D

Also, when you're testing your map, pull one of the levers up in the start room to unlock the door (down closes and re-locks it). You'd probably try that out eventually anyways, but just in case it isn't as obvious as I thought
well i mean i basically have nothing to do for the sub trials anymore (the rest is up 2 kurton and tyler) so sure

might do this in a bit
ANother! WOO! Time to see how i have been progressing in my mapping skills.
Yo, what happened with Lucid?
Done with the map.

I did not move the PlayerStart from Kia's map. You have a choice to follow on through a door in my map, or build a hole in the roof of Kia's room. I tested as much as I could, script works and there aren't things which will crash it.

I also included a Lantern and some tinderboxes next to it on a chest of drawers in front of the bed, and some Laudanum/Sanity/Oil potions in one of the cupboards - just for future maps.

Previous map size: 281 KB
New map size: 529 KB

Next person may take it from here:

[Image: 89ud5.jpg]

Some things which may be different/notable use of the assets:
Spoiler below!

- I added shelves to one cupboard using the beams in the ptest static_objects category. It's not the first time I have done this, however I originally used some wooden ones which weren't straight, thus created problems.
- The illusion of symmetry on sofa, in an attempt to recreate a slightly different looking one. It is found in the back corner, where this screenshot comes from.
- This is the first time I have tried to use fog effectively. There is a very faint white fog along the ground to simulate dust. It's not really noticeable however. There is a blue one around my map as well.
- There is a portrait on a bedside table of Justine. I added the same beam as a shelf to the back to simluate a bedroom frame portrait object. There is one next to it of Alexander, but was difficult to do, so it has "fallen over".
- I added a phonograph which plays music. It stops when you leave the room however.
- Those beams come in handy... I made a shelf on the wall opposite the bed.

ohh interesting
well imma takin it then
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