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Full Version: Password lost, help please!
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So my friend recently reinstalled her OS and formated her disks.
She had the passwords written down but that file is gone now.

When she requested a new password from fg forum nothing happend, not even a message that she was using the wrong email...

Who should we contact to get her password back?
When you say password, do you mean Amnesia Retail Box CD Key or a forum account password?
Forum password
Then why is this topic at the Amnesia TDD support forum? Moved.

The password retrieval is working perfectly fine. You need to enter the correct email address used during registration.
It may be an idea to check the Junk Mail as well when you receive the email! Smile
Here's what happens.

[Image: WNMZ5CB.png]
When I type my email here I get the mail, but when she does it nothing happens.
Checked the junk mail and everything, nothing there.

So we thought maybe it was the wrong email, but when we tried a completely random mail we got this message:
[Image: 8bfKDzk.png]
So this has to be the right mail...

Something is not working here.
Would your friend have accidently blocked emails from FrictionalGames?

Is there any problems with just trying to make a new account?
What email provider is that (outlook, gmail, yahoo etc)? Maybe she has blocked it, the forum retrieval does work for me and you as you said. So it's something on her end.
Shit this happend to me too! Although I think I lost my mail, is there any way to retrieve it again (the mail address used)?

Edit I use outlook.
Contact Jens for that.
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