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Full Version: Disconcerted in a Faded Solitude.
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This is a Mod i've been working on to kill time and experiment...
[Image: TI6ikjF.png]
Lantern Oil is Very Scarce.
Sanity will drop much quicker in darkness.
Use your INTELLIGENT mind to figure out things in the mod.
DON'T GO SPRINTING AT THE MONSTERS AND TRY TO GET YOUR SELF KILLED (Saves at specific moments, auto saving will be disabled).
Don't Expect Jumpscares, there will be no pointless cheap thrills in this mod.
NO SANITY VISION(Blue Vision in Darkness).
BE WATCHFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS, You might miss something or notice something out of the ordinary.
Please... PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE STORY AND NOTES, They'll be a very helpful asset during the mod.

Some Screenshots:
Spoiler below!

Lovely Cultists...
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_049.jpg]
Dormant Halls...
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_023.jpg]
An Unplayed Sonata...
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_022.jpg]

Is this a full release? In that case it should be moved to the Showcase section.

Its not even close to release.
It's a WIP like it says in the thread topic title... Tongue

I'll be sure to give it a play on release! Your screenshots are quite something :3
Oh, my bad then Tongue

I guess I forgot the title. I just assumed it was done cause it looked like it was at first glance.
This looks interesting, the screenshots look really good. I'm looking forward to this!
A piano but no violins.
Ooh, sounds promising.

If you need any help with voices, I'd be happy to help. Big Grin
Thanks! Production of this mod will continue very soon (mid june) and I still need to sort most of the story.
I'll hopefully need to gather some voice actors sometime soon anyway.
Nice screenshots! This CS looks very promising! Can't wait to try it out.
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