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Full Version: Got so scared while playing the game!
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I started playing it a few days ago. The music/sound and sudden movements scared the shit outta me (i have no balls haha and i played it when i was home alone) Confused i screamed n sweared quite a lot Tongue

Is it just me or do y'all find it scary too?

I filmed it with commentary while playing and if you wanna check it out, the first video is here and for more, my channel is here Rolleyes
Nah dude it's not just you.

This game has been cooked to perfection, like an omelette where every egg is a new kind of horror.
It contains so many different secrets and things that it's difficult to get the full experience the first time around. With all the notes and collectibles and things, you won't get the full psychological element to the horror unless you are good at the game, which is why there will never be a movie.

Spooky stuff man.