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Full Version: Black Plague - Issues Entering Password "1167"
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OK, so I got to play a little further and now i am at The Science Station Shelter and to get to the Infirmary I have to again use a computer and enter an ID of the door "3061" to open it and as expected I was unable to. This is gonna be an issue throughout the game. 2 months ago associate of FG in this thread said they have an update testing and is awfully quiet since then. So thanks FG for your NO support and for selling me a game I cannot play. Hope i will manage somehow to use this work around again.
An update is almost ready, there is one other issue left to be solved (and then maybe something to do with certificates and some changes on apples side that also needs to be tended to). Mac port is done by a third party but hoping we can get it released this week or next.
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