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Full Version: Please check the troubleshooting guides before posting!
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I would've reported earlier beforehand about corrupted saves, textures, and files, but that's no longer in the way.

The new issue arose after that. A big problem now, and would love to get rid of as soon as possible.

Amnesia started doing the fps drop routine that frustrates alot of people, and for me it's a hassle! I tryed the ways, and methods listed on the Amnesia T.D.D Troubleshooting Guide... and nothing... so far. But i know know in someway it would fix sooner, or later though.

*I have found out that i have the right graphics card and drivers up to date

*steam already installs latest update for amnesia T.D.D

*i did the integrity cache thing, and may have caused some mix-up, but i think that's done with, i hoped Idea

*During the process of encountering files that weren't... right... I used administrator to get things done, too.

*I've reset settings and rebooted it, also with my computer. Didn't do nothing!

*I do know for a fact that there are no program interferences... Smile

*i lowered the graphics in amnesia to the lowest. It is so far a stable substitute, but of course i know my computer did better than that before! Undecided

(*)I was sort of expecting that there was a way to make it work again with no fps drops back to Ultra settings (Custom)

*I've also deleted all files and remaining info about Amnesia the dark descent, every single evidence. No allocating/discovered involved in steam either too.

(i bought it from steam)

Is v-sync suppose to lower your fps by half?! (V-sync doesn't crash the game though. Thankfully!) Angel
Does this happen when you use just the normal "high" setting without v-sync?

I heard that setting the SSAO to max would require a great deal of processing power without really improving the graphics much. I suggest just using the defaults there (16 + medium).

Also, what is your monitor's refresh rate? V-sync is supposed to prevent tearing in the screen caused by unstable framerate in-game, and therefore limits it to the refresh rate of your monitor (because having 100 fps when your monitor can only display 60 is unnecessary in many cases). Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60 Hz (which is 60 fps). If yours is lower, v-sync will lower the fps. V-sync also supposedly requires some processing power as well, so if you lag, turn it off.

Other than that, the issue could of course be something completely different, perhaps with the sound cache or whatever.
I'd like to see an HPL.log file after the frame drops occur. My best guess is either corrupted files (steam file integrity check should address that) or a background program/service slowing down the game. Try closing everything in the background including any antivirus.