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Full Version: AMFP phone box entity
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hello everyone! i need the phone_box entity from AMFP for my full conversion mod, to make phone calls like in the original Machine For Pigs game, but i'm getting trouble with making it work in the editor and in-game. Some entities in AMFP have their models stored elsewhere in static objects (for example bulkhead_door, the new barrel, etc.), i have found out that already, still it looks like the texture for the phone box is missing, i didn't find it in the entities and the static_objects folder. the books on the phone's shelf appear, but the rest of the model does not. Anyone knows where can i get the textures for the whole phone_box entity?
The models are in Machine for Pigs.
Right mouse click on the .ent and open it with Notepad** for example..
Then check what textures the entitie is using and get all of them. ALSO be aware some textures use other dds or jpg or whatsoever.
yeah, but the problem is that i've failed in locating the necessary textures, i just can't find them :/
Yep, what sailor dnAlange means is you gotta find inside each file the reference to another, and copy all those files to your mod.

Example, chain of files:

And these are the lines you should look for inside each file in the chain:

Quote:phone.ent content
<Mesh Filename="entities/gameplay/phone/phone.dae">

Quote:phone.dae content
<image id="file1-image" name="file1">
<init_from>file://amnesia/static_objects/secret/mystuff/bla bla bla path/phone/</init_from>

Note: Amnesia ignores extension in the .dae entry (.dds in this case) and looks for the name+mat (phone.mat)

Quote:phone.mat content
<Diffuse AnimFrameTime="" AnimMode="" File="" Mipmaps="true" Type="2D" Wrap="Repeat" />
<NMap AnimFrameTime="" AnimMode="" File="" Mipmaps="true" Type="2D" Wrap="Repeat" />
<Specular AnimFrameTime="" AnimMode="" File="" Mipmaps="true" Type="2D" Wrap="Repeat" />
<Height AnimFrameTime="" AnimMode="" File="phone_height.tga" Mipmaps="true" Type="2D" Wrap="Repeat" />

So, you need all the files in the chain for your phone entity to work properly.
It doesn't matter where each file is located as long as its parent location is mentioned in resources.cfg

Remember the editors use resources.cfg from /amnesia or /amnesia/redist
and your mod may use another ( /mymod/resources.cfg ) to run the game
So some stuff may be visible in-game but not in the editor.
i understand Smile the textures for the phone_box entity are kinda scattered around the folders, also i'm sure i have to change the entity type because my mod will not use the 1.3 patch of the game, only the Justine expansion, so the entity type "phonebox" won't work i suppose. thanks for helping me for both of you ^^
Has anyone got this to work ? I couldn't find any of the files mentioned in phone_box.dae, .ent (speaking of which, there's no .mat for the phone box either).

If someone has a working version of this, or at least an idea where the files may be, please send help D:
Posting just in case people stumble upon this thread. I have created a compact and self-contained download for this entity. It works mostly like in AMFP and should be compatible with Amnesia 1.2 as well.

Here's the thread: