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Full Version: Black screen in editor! [LOCKED] for no reason
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So I was making this map of a cellar for a wallpaper and there was this door that I made as a compound and it disappeared all of a sudden when I tried to move it and when I tried to focus on it using the object finder, the editor screen went black and I couldn't get it to work even when I refocused on a different object.

Any help pls? This map was gonna turn out very fabulous for a wallpaper!

[Image: xaygwSv.png]
that happened to me. if you select a lot of stuff and press b then the whole level editor lags and crashes and you have to create a new map. there's nothing you can do. thats why you should never have compounds
Lol. I don't know, may I have the map? I can try to fix it.
(07-30-2014, 10:47 PM)Amn Wrote: [ -> ]Lol. I don't know, may I have the map? I can try to fix it.

Solved it yesterday!

All I had to do is open the map file by notepdad ++

and copy this line from another map
        <Performance CamClipPlanes="0.05 1000" LightsActive="true" PSActive="true" ShowFog="true" ShowSkybox="true" WorldReflection="true" />
        <ViewportConfig BGColor="0.2 0.2 0.2 1" GAmbientLight="true" GPointLight="true" GridSnap="true" GridSnapSeparation="0.25" SelectedViewport="3" UsingEnlargedViewport="true">
            <Viewport CameraPosition="1.25 2 196.249" CameraTarget="1.25 2 16.25" CameraZoom="2.12026" GridHeight="16.25" GridPlane="2" Preset="0" RenderMode="1" ShowAxes="true" ShowGrid="true" UsingLTCam="true" />
            <Viewport CameraPosition="181.249 2 16.25" CameraTarget="1.25 2 16.25" CameraZoom="2.12026" GridHeight="1.25" GridPlane="0" Preset="1" RenderMode="1" ShowAxes="true" ShowGrid="true" UsingLTCam="true" />
            <Viewport CameraPosition="1.29447 179.999 16.2055" CameraTarget="1.29447 0 16.2055" CameraZoom="4.09169" GridHeight="0" GridPlane="1" Preset="2" RenderMode="1" ShowAxes="true" ShowGrid="true" UsingLTCam="true" />
            <Viewport CameraPosition="19.2958 17.0473 15.2001" CameraTarget="1.25 0 16.25" CameraZoom="0.699294" GridHeight="0" GridPlane="1" Preset="3" RenderMode="0" ShowAxes="true" ShowGrid="true" UsingLTCam="true" />

and paste it in the broken map, and it worked lol! Smile
i thought you meant tat you selected everything and press b and everything crashed.