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Full Version: Amnesia HPL2 Editor Custom Story problem
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I have problems with my custom story,scripts are working but there is no key name and description that i've set in extra lang file.Also custom story description is missing.When i pick up the key it says Picked up : .I also tried to reinstall the game and the hpl2 editor but problem still appears.I did all like in HPL2 documentation wiki,i used Notepad++ there is no mistakes.This is my lang file :

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">Johan Rilley wakes up in a nice mansion.But this mansion gives him strange feelings...looks like he was there long time ago.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemName_key_1">Key</Entry>
<Entry Name="ItemDesc_key_1">A key to corridor.</Entry>


Hope you will help,thanks.
You're missing a </LANGUAGE> at the end of the lang text. Smile
thank you very much ,its working now i can do a normal custom story Smile