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Full Version: Not available for current Ubuntu
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I bought ATDD about a year ago using the Ubuntu software center, and it installed almost without a glitch. However, since then I've had to reinstall my Ubuntu, and updated it to the current state of things, i.e. 14.04(64-bit, but it would be strange if that matters with this problem). *Then* I wanted to reinstall ATDD.

The message I get from Software center when I click on the 'More information' button for ATDD is that it was bought on 4th of Nov 2012, but is not available for your version of Ubuntu. Please contact the developer for an update.

So that's what I'm doing now. (Pleease Smile?)

I guess I could - theoretically - wipe my system and reinstall Ubuntu from scratch, starting with a 13.04 disc. But before that I have to ask here. Would feel decidedly dumb otherwise..

Regardless: Thanks for a great game!

(I get the same message in Software center for AMFP, I hope I'm not doubleposting by posting in Tech support for it. Please remove if so.)
Hi, why can not I install Amnesia: The Dark Descent Ubuntu 14.04?
I bought this game when I installed Ubuntu 12.10


i have exactly the same problem
i bought amnesia the dark descendant in ubuntu software center time ago and now with the update to ubuntu 14.04 they say me i can not install it casue there is not support for the game. could i recive a steam key or a downloable file to play it? or also you could just give a supp for ubuntu 14.04, i payed for it and now i can play it

[Image: sbh3pe.png]


Hello, the same with me... Please help.

Hi, same problem here...

Does Frictional people read this forum?? could someone spend a min to take a look on this issue or at least answer us?! We've paid for the game...
Yes, we PM solution to those that need.
Thank you jens, I've received your pm, everything works ok!
(09-11-2014, 07:17 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, we PM solution to those that need.

Hello Jens, could you pm the solution, too? Thanks.