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Full Version: Furguson, Missouri
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Don't worry, Kman.

Spoiler below!
You have more rep points than him.

Spoiler below!
it's really not that i don't have anything left to say. there's plenty of stuff in the last 3 or 4 posts your made that was wrong and i could have brought up, but after a certain point i realized there wasn't a whole lot of a point. your ego is the size of the sun combined with the fact that you really don't seem to have any sort of humility really makes arguing with you pointless and exhausting, and like, im definitely not the only one who feels this way. ill leave names out for privacy sake cause i don't wanna be an asshole but ive talked to a good few people who have echoed this exact same sentiment a lot of the time unprompted. it's impossible to lose in a debate to you, not because you're some TRULY NEXT LEVEL THINKER AND A PRODIGY OF YOUR AGE RANGE but rather because you literally refuse to admit in any situation it's possible for you to be wrong (unless its one of the few people you seem to idolize on here incessantly to the point of near objectification then you concede to them basically immediately).

instead you'd rather get so deep into semantics that its literally impossible to follow what you're even trying to say or respond to anymore and then claim that you've "clearly won" because you managed to confuse everyone to the point it's not even clear what to respond to, or you'd rather morph what you were originally saying so that it best fits the situation and looks like everyone else was arguing some random point ("NO ONE KNOWS that this is a racist issue SHUT UP KMANNN" "OK this is a racist issue but you still don't KNOW who's at fault" "this is a racial issue BUT its not the REAL cause and CLEARLY IF YOU SAY IT IS YOU DON'T GET IT" etc). you only really seem to debate where its convenient for you rather than trying to have a logical discussion. and then of course, you decide to whip out the "U USED AD HOMINKEMNIMN!!" card like every pseudo intelectual does in every debate despite the fact that you called me an idiot, moron, and twat more times than i can count in that thread, and the only """insult""" i used was telling dogfood he was being racist which i backed up with my own reasoning

so nah drop this whole I WON THE DEBATE CAUSE KMANS A MORON LOL bullshit. you exhausting and frustrating me to the point where i literally see no point in trying to have a discussion does not qualify as you """winning""". i fully expect you to respond to this with a post twice this size (which ironically im going to guess will prove most of what im saying here yet again) but ive seriously become so apathetic and frustrated and discontent with this thread and you, specifically, i really couldn't even give a shit anymore. i cant even brig myself to ironically shitpost anymore because apparently you're going to even take that seriously. so yea i am OUTTTTIIIIEEE do your worst bud
Oh no, he stuns the audience with triple combo, earning him +15 points! FATALITY!
not linking

I think it's safe to say that the police is in the wrong here, from beginning to end. They haven't handled a single event the way they should've and it's sad that the US gov provided local police with military equipment that they don't even know how to properly use or use with respect to its citizens and fellow officers. This is a collective failure of the local police of Ferguson, there's no way to tip-toe around that.
i think it's safe to say that whenever "...Still have more rep points than him" is brought in, it is ultimately concluded that the guy saying that and the person agreeing to that have no life whatsoever and lost the argument
The existence or non-existence of ones life is irrelevant as are rep points. "I have a higher number than you, therefore I am better." has essentially no value whatsoever because this isn't an MMORPG.
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(08-22-2014, 09:36 AM)Kman Wrote: [ -> ][Image: F9XMHvK.png]

racist, it's white why isnt it black?
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