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Full Version: Furguson, Missouri
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Quote:I don't know about you, but I saw the news reports on this and the "protestors" were LOOTING stores. Several businesses were just outright robbed during this protest.

violent rioters and looters have been a very small minority among the people there, almost all of the residents of ferguson have been peacefully protesting and as the link recently posted shows most of them weren't even residents that were just using the chaos as an excuse to benefit themselves. honestly this is a method that's been used countless times; a few assholes decide to take advantage of the situation and use the chaos for their benefit and suddenly the media can paint every single person involved to be wild, uncontrolled animals that don't actually have a motive. its a silencing technique - if you can paint the entire movement as a group of uncontrolled animals then it becomes much easier to ignore what they're actually angry about and ignore the fact that the large, large majority of people are peacefully protesting. it was used during the rodney king riots, it was used during the london riots, and its most certainly being used here (and its clearly working given how a lot of people in here are interpreting the situation).

Quote:This is just getting out of hand, plain and simple. And Dogfood is right. Had this been a Caucasian death, no one would've batted an eye and it's sad that we've gotten to this point, to the point of even merely mentioning this gets slapped with a big old "Racist!" for a response.

oh my god will you guys PLEASE stop with the reverse racism bullshit.

there has not been a single widely publicized event where an unarmed caucasian was killed by a cop for no reason other than the color of his skin. this has happened countless times with black people and continues to frequently. this is not just the case of a cop shooting an unarmed kid, its a constant reoccurring trend of police abusing their power and killing black children for no other reason than the color of their skin, so yes it matters that he was black

Quote:However, you'd also have to look at the fact 67% of the population is black people, and thus 33% being white, it'll be more condensed. There will be, overall, more black people not found guilty or guilty no matter what.

yea so the 2:1 ratio must explain why 483 black people:36 white people that were arrested in ferguson in 2013 or only 3 out of 53 officers on the police force are black or why 92% of searches and 86% of car stops involved blacks

Quote:This is not the case at all. I've read multiple sources on this, and it really isn't. Life isn't black and white and it's a naive process of thought if you honestly believe that. We cannot know who fucking is at fault here until later, as I've said, because all we're getting is two incredibly biased stories that conflict constantly.

what you're not taking into account here is the circumstances from which the police and the protesters are coming from. the police inherently are covering up as much info from their reports as they can to cover their tracks as it has been proven many many times. the protesters, however, are coming from a standpoint where they're trying to expose as much truth on the matter as possible to get people to realize the severity of the situation. they wouldn't even have a reason to hyperbolize what the police force are doing since for the most part they're spreading information to keep others within the community safe and informed and lying and causing hysteria would only make that effort harder. there's really not much room for them to omit details either given that this entire event has been documented through videos pictures and social media which gives hard proof to back up their claims. the police force however can't provide any of that

its literally shocking to me that you can still think its "not clear whos at fault here". the idea that brown incited the original incident has basically already been completely debunked given the countless eyewitness reports and the recordings from the police lines, so you might as well let that one go. right, so what do we have left, that the protesters were violently attacking the police which forced their hand and made them bring out heavy weaponry, correct? its already been shown through countless videos, pictures, and firsthand accounts that almost all the protests were peaceful and the police were the ones to incite violence. like theres hard video evidence of this happening. multiple times. all thats left is the claim that the protesters are getting violent and attacking cops along with looting stores which has already been debunked earlier

i really don't know what more you want to hear. there's hard evidence already backing all this up unless you somehow wanna believe that they faked all the footage and photoshopped a ton of different pictures and if thats the case then well do your thing i guess i cant really stop you.


who was rodney king

Quote:Please, point them out for us. Because chances are they were either irrelevant, or not really points at all.

i and other people in this thread have consistently showed you over and over again that the large majority of the protests were peaceful, that the police incited the violence in almost every instance in this situation, and that the evil thug looters and vandals with molotov cocktails are a small minority of outsiders that have just been using the situation for their own benefit and yet you still keep making all these arguments as if they have some merit to them.

Quote:Besides, not addressing every point isn't not confronting an argument at face value. Selective manipulation is, which is what you were doing.

i mean i explained how every instance where i """""selectively manipulated your arguments""""" was either a misunderstanding or you reading into things wrong but ok

Quote:If you don't consider what they have to say, then you'd fail completely with analytic skills in any form of studying sources.
If you want the truth, you have to look at both sides equally. You have to extract the falsehoods and the hyperbole and find the middle ground. Ignoring what one says leads to far more misinformation than you will ever get by analyzing both. You are so heavily biased towards the protesters right now, that you won't stop to consider the police may be reacting in self-defense, or they may not all be guilty. That's because you're -only- paying attention to the protesters, and getting out of it what you claim the government would say about the protesters, only towards the police.

the police have:
- gunned down a teenager in the street, hands already above his head
- referred to black neighborhoods as “fucking animals”
- dispersed a candlelight vigil with tear gas and rubber bullets
- occupied neighborhoods and stationed tanks on street corners
- shut down a mcdonald’s, arresting two reporters in the process
- ordered media crews out of the city and confiscated video
- arrested members of st. louis city council for tweeting

the protesters have:
- peacefully protested
- asked to be treated like human beings

i mean you can call that being biased towards the protesters if you want but really i'd just call it being a sane descent human being with at least a little bit of sympathy. literally the only arguments that you've made to show the protesters could be in the wrong are that there are looters, violent rioters, and that they started the violence, all of which have been disproven by me and countless firsthand accounts supported by hard video and photographic evidence. on the flip side theres basically an unlimited supply of evidence showing the police being terrible people and abusing their power and yet you still seem to think that this is some kind of equal fight, and this is whites vs blacks and not white cops violently oppressing an entire community of black people.

so, no, im not going to look at both sides equally. sorry. that's like saying in a case where someone got raped where there's video evidence showing the event, the perpetrator has a history of sexual abuse and has photos on his computer of him committing the act that you should still wait to hear his side of the story cause "well thats the only way youll know the FULL truth of what happened!!". sorry, but no.

also for the record, this pic

[Image: APTOPIX%20Police%20Shooti_Schu(3).jpg]

thats not a picture of the guy throwing a molotov cocktail at the police, thats a picture of a protester catching a canister of flaming tear gas that was thrown at the crowd by the police and throwing it back to the sender

consider that for a second

i think im about done with this thread, you can reply if you want but i probably wont reply back. ive said all im going to be able to say on this subject, if you seriously still don't understand whos in the wrong here and who to believe after this huge fucking essay then i really don't think theres much more i can say to change your mind.
Just one more minute of your time Kman. I can understand where you are coming from. Could you share a couple example of this hard evidence that you have seen, like the videos, or related? It would cement your point if you had all that stuff to show us, and back it up.

I am on the edge on who to believe is right, because I have not seen your mentioned evidence.

Also as for the picture at the very bottom...what is your source that you know what is being thrown was thrown by the police first? Just curious.
sure i'll bite. give me a sec i gotta compile links + descriptions
from earlier
(08-14-2014, 09:38 PM)eliasfrost Wrote: [ -> ]

an example of the excessive artillery used by the ferguson police department as well as silencing peaceful protests

police fire tear gas at peaceful protesters in their own backyard

more peaceful protesters tear gassed and forced out

police advance on peaceful protesters and put them at gun point

police admit to shooting protester in the head

peaceful protesters (yet again) get shot at and bombed with tear gas, police advance on them and push them back

first hand account from the friend that was walking with brown when he was shot

missouri state senator confronts police chief about being gassed during peaceful protest

another eyewitness account of browns death

intimidation tactics being used by the police

police enter into private property unwarranted

another example of excessive police force with little care for the residents

as far as pictures go

snipers aim at protesters

police attack reporters with tear gas

pictured above police mock the protesters

pastor is shot at while praying outside

photo album showing examples of excessive police presence, tear gas bombings, and peaceful protesters

example of ferguson police force's complete disregard for the safety of the residents

police advancing on another protester

sound canon being used during protests

as for the origin of the picture im afraid i lost the source, but i remember reading that comment from the photographer when i originally saw that photoset last night

i apologize if i fucked up any of these links (more than likely it took forever to put together + i had to keep track of like 4 at a time)
(08-15-2014, 02:29 PM)Kman Wrote: [ -> ]the police have:

- shut down a mcdonald’s, arresting two reporters in the process.

From this point I couldn't do anything but laugh




vid related:

Anyone else stopped caring?
no not really
Source for tear gas photo
As I understand it the photo was first uploaded to Twitter by a reporter for the St. Louis Dispatch
i don't think anyways mentioned it yet but they brought in a new police chief and the situations gotten a lot better so that's great
Well that's that then. What's for dinner?
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