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Full Version: Bucket to fill with acid ?!
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(08-19-2014, 05:36 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]A slight correction:
The bool abAutoDestroy does not remove the item you used. It removes the callback so that you cannot use the item again and produce the same effect.

It's also supposedly recommended to use GiveItem instead of GiveItemFromFile. The latter is described as a debug function, although I do not know what limitations it can cause.

Thanks, didn't know that Smile
okey thanks Big Grin but now the only thing is... what (script thing) do i have to gey in my callback now... for that bucket that goes Directly to inventory... if i learn this i hope i will know more about scripting..
What are you asking exactly?

The closest I can guess is that you need to get the new item. You could use
PHP Code:

These are, in order:

Internal name, item type, lang entry name, icon name, amount.

The icon should be one of the files inside /graphics/items unless you use a custom one.
From my experience, Item Type really has no bearing on much of anything - correct me if I'm wrong?
If you set the type to Health it will act like Laudanum. There is a difference.
Puzzle is just a generic use-item though.

From the model editor:
[Image: CquKG6C.png]
i did the other thing i tried this it worked but got one problem... ( and for mini thing , i did setentityactive Big Grin but it doesn't work to get it ? because the bucket and acid contained isn't connected... idk why ??
Wrong section, pal. Make sure next time to post there
ow okey Big Grin thanks but do you know the answer ?? Sad
and is you're pf (profile picture) loading or is that the ....
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