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Full Version: Hugged by hard arms - Robosprog's story
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It was late. Robosprog's arms felt heavy and he was close to falling asleep.
He yawned. he had been working all night a map in HPL, and finally he had got the lighting just right.
The screen lit up his whole room. Had he made his own room in HPL, he'd be more than famous, he thought.
Robosprog was about to shut down his computer. He closed the editor, and was about to press the power button, as a sound rang in his ears. A simple sound, yet familiar to him in a way that could only be positive. It was a skype call.
Robosprog looked up in confusion. It wasn't the FG-chat... It was Hardarm!
Robosprog's hands shaked. A tiny drop of sweat ran from his forehead and down his cheek. Suddenly he felt more awake than ever.
Slowly he moved the cursor towards the green button "Answer".
The ringing sound stopped.

"Hello?". Hardarm's voice was soft, and he sounded like he'd been up, just like Robosprog.
He'd forgotten about himself and was just listening to his voice, but finally figured out that he had to answer.

"Ye-.. Yes. I'm here! What's up Hardarm?"

"Yea... I know it's late. I just... I needed to talk to you... about..."

"About... what?", Robosprog replied.

"About... something in the editor... I was thinking... Maybe you could come over?"

Robosprog thought about it for a minute. It was really late. But when Hardarm was asking him like that he couldn't refuse.
Quickly, Robosprog got his shoes, a jacket and some chocolate from the fridge.
You never know...

A vague smile formed on Robosprog's face.
And not only Level Editting was on his mind...
thank you
This brought a tear to my eye
HAHahahahh wtf xD
MHW forum user-based yaoi is relevant again...
Spoiler below!
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I'm so fucked up...

Oh man, since when the Off Topic section turned into a Storytelling section? Please put me as a role in a future story Tongue