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Full Version: TDD & Penumbra Being Removed From GOG by September 2nd
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Along with 30+ other games. You can get them at a massive discount before they're removed:

I'd love to know why Amnesia and Penumbra are disappearing, and why AAMFP isn't.

I just had a thought... Thomas hinted that Amnesia might be brought to the PS4 in future. Maybe this is happening, and maybe Sony are now the publishers of it?

And if that's true, does it mean Penumbra is coming to the PS4 too? :p
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Hi Frictional!

I'm talking about this. has just implemented a fair price system so every price of every game is as close as possible in every one of the currencies used in their store. As they were announcing this, they have also announced that they could not reach an agreement with certain companies and they have to take 35 titles out of the store, among them, your games. I have noticed that most of the games come from Sweedish companies, so maybe it has something to do with the laws of your country? Anyway, could you explain where the problem lies?

There's already a thread about this:
Wow, am I blind. Sorry for the redundant thread. I'm trying to delete it, but I can't for some reason.
No worries, a moderator can merge both threads. Smile

Regular users like us aren't allowed to delete their own threads/posts (even though the option is visible when editing a post, hehe).
We want our games to have about the same price on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, App Store, Desura & Gamer's Gate for different currencies and countries. Which is the base price of 20 USD (for Amnesia) with added sales tax when applicable (example 15% for EU, so 17.49 EUR, 13.99 GBP). We don't have complete control, so we give suggested pricing and accept the stores slight differences in pricing. We don't accept too high price (1 USD = 1 EUR) and we don't accept too low price (developer pays the customer's sales tax).

As we could not agree on the pricing level for TDD/Penumbra we agreed to remove the games.
Basically what you are saying is that GoG wants to take too little money for € because in that example it will be $19.99 or 15.19€, but you would rather like to take 17.49€ when selling in €.

But wasn't that the case before already? When I bought the game for $19.99 I also ended up paying only around 15.19€* (* - a bit more because of PayPal fees for recalculating currencies). So even before the update it was cheaper to buy on GoG than on other platforms.
It does not have anything to do with the currency as you say. It has to do with the EUR price not having the added cost of the VAT applicable. The VAT is different in different countries, ranging from 15% to 25%. We have used to lowest VAT rate of 15% to calculate what we suggest Europeans should pay for our game. We also take into account purchase power, so the game is cheaper than 20 USD in for example Russia, games are normally sold cheaper there than in say Sweden. It goes both ways, higher price when there is added tax, lower price for lower purchase power. Some limitations due to limitations of the stores selling the games.

In terms of before, you are correct that for example EU people always got the game cheaper. We had an exception for GOG, as their model was to use USD only, this "discount" was not visible and folks got it without knowing it. With the addition of currencies, the discount is clearly visible and because of it we asked to have the same price as in other stores. Instead of seeing it as an increase in price, it should be seen as a discount that stopped being active.

With Machine for pigs our pricing model was accepted, but as Amnesia and Penumbra are older games they were not accepted. We mutually agreed on removing them. It should have little impact as either you already have the game and can continue using it, or you do not have the game and do not want it, or you do not have the game but really want it, in which case 80% off is the cheapest (I think) it has ever been offered for on GOG.
This is the reason I personally prefer physical copies which aren't DRM'd by a service provider (I'm looking at the games bought as retail but still must be redeemed via Steam, I hate this).

I remember buying this one game called Rag Doll Kung Fu back in the day and it did things just right. It had both physical copy and a single use code for Steam.
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