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Full Version: Has anyone gotten any of the Penumbra games to work on Mac?!
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I bought the game series 2 years ago during a Steam holiday sale and have not been able to play any of them. Recently, I finally got Amnesia The Dark Descent to work in windowed mode, but that's it. When I click on Penumbra Overture The screen goes black, that's it. I can't even Option/Command Delete (mac version of ctrl/alt delete) out of the screen. I have to shut off the computer and start again.
Has anyone been able to get this to work? Thanks for any advice you might have!
As far as I know a patch is already in the works for both Penumbra and Amnesia. But I don't know if they're still working on it or finish it only after SOMA got released. There are no information yet.
Actually, the patch has already been implemented. However, there's been a new Update to Mavericks in September and it seems as if that rendered the patch useless again. This pretty much sucks since I got myself to finally buy the Penumbra-pack just to find out I'm too late.

Is there any chance of another patch being worked on? I'm really desperate to try Penumbra after Amnesia's brought me such a splendid gaming experience.
Yes patches are in the works and trying to get them done as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay and I really do hope we have them done soon.