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Full Version: Water Monster Troubles
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I've noticed that I always have problems with my water monsters. Originally I didn't want to include a water monster because of this, however changed my mind as of late.

In the original levels of amnesia with the kaernk, they have no SCRIPTED pathnodes set up so the little buggers to follow, just pathnodes in the editor for them to follow.

My problem is that I find that not scripting the pathnodes, and leaving the water monster to just "find it's own way" amongst the various pathnodes, it won't move at all.

When I do script in the pathnodes, it'll move amongst the water, however won't follow them to find an appropriate path. I'll turn a corner and instead of following the nodes around the corner, he just turns and runs into a wall. If it weren't for the fact that it's a computer monster that isn't actually real, I'd make a lot of jokes about how not-so-smart the little bastard is.

Anyone know of any solutions?
For how aggressive the water monster is in Amnesia, I would think there's a script that triggers when you jump into the water to call ShowEnemyPlayerPosition(string& asName). I haven't opened the level to confirm, but I would assume it's there.

I would also assume there's a call for the player leaving the same water area to cause the monster to wander off via randomly selected nodes, or maybe the Script Areas are divided into sections to be able to learn where the player is so the monster can wander elsewhere.

This might work with set nodes, but as for wandering I'm not sure.
I think it's actually made into the engine that the water monster will know where you are if you are at the same height as it. So if the water monster is placed at the height of the water plane, it'll know where you are as you step through it. I don't think there's a manual script for making it follow you, because I have in the past made rooms with water monsters that function fairly good.

I think the issue might be that if the rooms are very complicated and possibly not fully patched up, it might think it's okay to walk through a wall.
If that's the case, than it's probably chalked up to the custom walls that I'm using. With that in mind, I tried to minimize the problem with adding a few more water monsters to be spawned in with script depending on the area, so they kinda work on a linear path. Wasn't too tough, just with I didn't have to go the extra length to do it, haha. The things we do to make our stories function, haha.

However, that means my monster still won't function properly, but I've managed to reduce his lack of functionality by doing so. Hope any players of the levels won't face too many problems.
Or try a block box on your custom wall. See if the monster still tries to go through there.