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Full Version: Level editor causing Graphics Drivers Issues?
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While using the level editor this is the third time this has happened.

[Image: 91ba689c16.jpg] My drivers are up-to-date and I just recently upgraded my GPU to the R9 270x.

Any ideas? Any further information wanted?

This problem has only occurred when using the level editor.
1) Bad or old AMD drivers, a clean reinstall may be needed
2) Overclocked card which is unstable
3) Defective card?

For question 1, I can give you details instructions on what to do using DDU for cleaning old stuff. Does it happen with the main game or other OpenGL games?
Let me try option one, also I'm not overclocking my card. I'll get back to you.
Sure, if you want to do a full clean reinstall you should try DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) which is a powerful little tool to remove all nvidia, amd & intel gpu drivers in the system. It also removes the stock windows ones (driverstore) and it should be run at Safe Mode for best results. Let me know how it goes though. Wink
Hardware Limitation. Reinstall had no effect, I downgraded back to my HD 7850 for the time being. My north bridge on my Motherboard was getting to hot, Gonna havta upgrade it before re installing my R9 270x.
The NB shouldn't have anything to do with AMD driver crashes. If you just bought the card, maybe it's defective and an RMA is needed. That's what I meant by "Defective card". If the problem does not happen with 7850 but it does with the R9 270X the logical conclusion would be that. Although it would be a lot easier to prove if it also happened at other games/heavy gpu workload.
It did not however, it only happened when working in the level editor.

When I played Tomb Raider at high graphics settings or other graphics intensive games I would just get lower then expected framerates (I assume from the bottleneck from the small MB) and then bluescreen after a little bit. Each time with my MB north bridge being a little warmer then I would like.
If you are having BSOD's something is going on. Either driver or hardware issue. It's not something you can ignore. Do you have the crashdump of those BSOD's? I can analyze them quickly and check what the problem is. They can be found at C:\Windows\Minidump folder (hidden by default).
PM sent with a link.
Blue Screen of Deaths:

31/07/2014 -> atikmpag.sys (AMD Drivers)
07/08/2014 -> inconclusive
19/08/2014 -> inconclusive
22/09/2014 -> atikmpag.sys (AMD Drivers)
24/09/2014 -> atikmpag.sys (AMD Drivers)

You need to do a clean reinstall of the drivers. Before we proceed, what operating system do you have? Also x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit)?

Moved to Off-Topic as it's a computer issue, not Amnesia related.
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