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Full Version: Ideal brigthness/gamma settings?
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Despite the high likelihood that a thread exactly like this already exists, i was unable to find it. So i apologize if one does.

Pretty simple question. How dark/bright should i be playing the game on? The word "barely" when i first got to tune the gamma settings in the game didn't help much. :?

I'm using the default 1.0 gamma, and i tuned the brightness of my monitor to default when i first bought it. But I'm suspecting it's too bright. When i entered the mine which should have next to zero light sources, i noticed that i can navigate the place well without any light source. It's dark enough to disallow reading the maps or the signs (or any other details), but not so dark that i stumble blindly into crates on the way.

I see a gameplay reason for this level of brightness though. Maybe Phillip's glowstick shouldn't be his equivalent of a blind man's stick with a neon sign saying "eat me" added? But on the other hand, it doesn't make sense that i can see anything at all when there is solid rock all around me.
Hey, and welcome to the forums!

Try this! It's a Pitch Black mod for Overture. I haven't tried it, so I don't know how it will work, but on you're case, I'd really check it out. Wink:

How to install?

(08-14-2008, 12:38 PM)nackidno Wrote: [ -> ]I had boring this morning... So I made this mod for Overture as well.

Just unrar it into the redist\maps folder. Don't worry, I uploaded a backup folder too.Wink
Some places was not changed by an unknown reason. And I haven't taken the time to fix it either.

EDIT - Here is the full Pitch Black thread. If you have further interest in the modification.
OK, thanks for the updated link! Smile:
I take it there was nothing wrong with my settings then.

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the link(s). I'll check it out. =)
I don't believe there was any problems with your settings. Penumbra on default is not very dark actually, and as you point out, it's not logical that you can see so clearly in those mine. ;-)

You're most welcome, I hope the mod will satisfy your needs! Happy gaming! :-)