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Full Version: Odd Bug - Possible Reasons?
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I'm making a level that is sort of along the lines of the Cistern in TDD.

I did it the lazy way and made one HUGE area to be the water and one HUGE plane to be the water surface. Needless to say a lot of the surface and area are outside of the playable level due to their being a huge square and the level not being a huge square.

Every now and then while walking around in the water, the screen fades quickly and goes to complete black. Bringing up the menu still works, so it's like all of the "light" was sucked out of the room. Continuing to walk eventually brings back the player's veiw.

Could this bug be related to my lazy water creation or is it something else?
Maybe you have a huuuuuuuge boxlight.
Boxlights are not supposed to above... what was it...? I think 500. Keep them below.

The water-area should not be the problem. It's just a plane and an area.
Turns out it was the spotlights under the map to make the water gobo on the walls.

Not sure what I did but I tweaked a lot of settings on them and somewhere along the way I messed something up