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Full Version: Jens, 2009-05-04, From 3D model to interactive door in the HPL 2 engine
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This work log shows how you go from having a 3D model to making it interactive and useable in the game. See me use my very best skills to make a 3D model, then use the HPL2 model editor to create the ingame behaviour, the HPL2 level editor to do a quick and ugly test level and then finally take the test model & level for a test run.

lol@penumbra/lux folder. :p

Anyways, pretty good. Editor's looking pretty good.
Really nice Jens! It looks easy enough to use! Big Grin
Awesome! That looks like it was pretty easy and straight forward.

Is that music from "Unknown"? Sounds really great, especially when the chorus comes in.
The music is likely old or used from one of their earlier games. Lux is still a year off.

Some fun little pictures I took, which shows off some of the options and the folder (lol@location again).
This one mostly shows off the available options on the left side. You can even make primitives!

This one shows off the other side - while the top left buttons are too small, it shows 2 tabs. Translation (position of object) and entity (game-options, for example locked)

For the creepy forum stalkers like me, this one shows off a pretty boring list of folders. Funny how it's in penumbra :p
(05-04-2009, 08:53 PM)MisterJim Wrote: [ -> ]Is that music from "Unknown"? Sounds really great, especially when the chorus comes in.
Yup, that music is made especially for Unknown.
Looks cool! And the music is quite spectacular!
Woah. Music sounded a bit... too epic? Reminded me of the title screen music of Empire Earth.
I did like the way the door glowed (or was that just me?) and the crosshair looks nice, but I prefer just having the dot.
Cool! keep up the good updates..

(and awesome music!)
Question to the devs: Does the game optimize walls/multiple objects in rendering? I'm pretty stupid in how engines work still, but in most game engines object calls are more demanding than polygon count.
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