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Full Version: Failed to buy game collection
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At first I'd like to thank you for developing such amazing games for Linux! I played the demo version and found it awesome so I decided to buy the whole collection. Here the the problem arose: the card has been charged for it (just like in this post) but I didn't receive anything to my e-mail. I checked my inbox and spam folders several time but no luck. About an hour passed since I ordered the game...

It is not a big deal to loose $20 but I would really like to have full versions of your games. Can you please confirm that you received the order? It was done on 23 May at about 12:10 PM. I will supply any additional info you need to solve this issue.

Best regards, Madkinder

P.S.: Thanks again for the game! :razz:

We don't have any order under your email address, if you used the same for the purchase as you used to register on the forum that is.

What happens is that the $20 is reserved for the purchase and if the purchase fails the $20 is released back into the account, this can take a couple of days depending on which credit company and bank.

So please wait a couple of work days and check if the money is returned to you, if not send me a PM!
Hi again.

I contacted eSellerate support to solve the problem. They confirmed that it was their fault that the order failed to process so I tried to process the order once again and this time I got an e-mail with the download links.

The money for the first order didn't return back but I realize that it isn't your fault.

Anyway now I'm a happy owner of Penumbra collection. Thank you for doing such great games!