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Full Version: Epitafium - IFC Project
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"and my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted


[Image: moddb_header.jpg]
Limbo, Purgatory... Afterlife... its been a topic that has fascinated scientists, professors and people who study the topic...Imagine yourself sitting alone in your office... its like every other day.You begin pondering the past memories... when you started hearing someone playing the piano, a knock on the door... and footsteps.You live alone however... your wife died 2 years ago from Enteric fever and ever since... you've been trying to occupy your mind, distract yourself from the world around you... until the world you lived in slipped away and fell from your grasp.

This project aims to make you wonder who you really are and if you're really alive.
Epitafium is an experimental full conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent using assets and elements from A Machine For Pigs and it is heavily inspired by A Tale of Two Sisters (2004 South korean horror film), Dear Esther and MLAndersen0

Expect highly detailed mapping and some deep down disturbing and scary events.

Aiming for a release by 2015... hopefully.

Spoiler below!
[Image: AmnesiaTest131111_2014-10-29_21-21-20-82.png]
[Image: 9ZnmIFQ.jpg]
[Image: ADVLzOx.jpg]

Lone dev of this project.
Glad to see you working again! Hopefully with no hard drive crash this time Wink
Quote: deep down disturbing and scary events.

I trust.
Following this. Smile
Danke for the support guys ^^ It really keeps me motivated!
And for those who use the site known as ModDB...
Heres the ModDB page.
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Make sure to vote Big Grin
This project is fucked....

in laymans terms, its no more.
Why not put it here and let us see it...
Maybe someone will made it a full mod\story!?
simple answer, NO.
[Image: Amnesia_2015-07-09_19-19-29-14.png]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_014.jpg]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_013.jpg]

the arms cradle the heart, blood pumps through each vein and into the breathing living hell.

oh yeah, this is still alive.
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