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Full Version: Amnesia Dark Descent Crashes on Startup
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I have looked thoroughly through these threads for a solution, but all of the threads that address my issue either have no replies at all or unhelpful answers. I bought Amnesia: The Dark Descent around Halloween and it ran just fine and I was able to play all the way through several times with no problems, so I seriously doubt it's an incompatibility issue. Upon clicking "Launch Game" in the start up menu, it crashes and "quits unexpectedly". I'm on a late 2012 MacBook pro with OS X Yosemite.
Possible a setting that it does not like. To reset to the default settings you will have to delete the main_settings.cfg file found in your ~/library/application support/frictional games/amnesia/main/. In finder press shift-command G to open a window where you can add the path (~/library/application support/frictional games/amnesia/main/) to navigate there directly.
PS: Macs are case sensitive, so most likely your path will be
~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Main
in case you're trying to copy/paste it.