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Full Version: Steam all Languajes for Penumbra Overture EP1
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recently i've been adquired on Steam all episodes of penumbra.
It runs OK but I'm unable to set the subtitltes on spanish lenguaje.
I was searchin on google an I've found a "spanish.lang" file, but when I copy it on this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\penumbra overture\redist\config so
penumbra crashes at startup. I tryed to rename the file at "english.lang" but the same, it doesn't work.
I write a post to find some help from developers to get a file to translate penumbra subtitles to spanish, please.
I'm waiting for you answer. Thanks a lot!

(sorry about my english level, I hope you are able to understandme =] )
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I'm sorry to tell ya, but the Steam page of Penumbra clearly states only the English language is included..