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Full Version: Steam Weekend
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Because of the Steam weekend the gaming community I am attached to has purchased some 20+ copies and everyone is loving it. Where the hell have you guys been hiding? Your metacritic rating is crap, I had more enjoyment from this game over Warhammer 40k, Unreal Tournament 3, Killing Floor, and these are all recent titles and this only cost me $5, I am willing to pay $50 for your next game.
Glad to hear you like it!

As for the meta critic, we do not think it is that bad, but seems the main problem has been with the game's graphics. Gonna try and fix that for our next game though Smile
I bought about 10+ gift copies for friends via Steam, all of them love it and like Jared, I can't wait for the new game.
I hope you will, Thomas. Wink: Though, graphics weren't so big deal for me, gameplay, atmosphere and story was the thing that kept me going. Smile:
I agree, 5£ well spent definetly. Scary game, and I don't think the graphics are bad at all, even to this date.. must've been very picky to lower the score just cause of that.

Awesome game, love all the puzzles .. gotten to the part where
Spoiler below!
there are big worms in the mines.

If there even is something bad about the game the only thing i can think of is that there are too few of those puzzles (especially the physics ones), they're oh so enjoyable..

A great, extremely athmospheric game.. constantly keeps you on your toes, 5£ is simply a no-brainer Smile

keep up the good work.
Currently, 3/15 in game friends are playing Penumbra. I know many of my other friends have bought it, including me.

Been wanting to get the games and this was the perfect chance.
THis is the best deal ive got on steam in srsly ages mayber ever
I got it and started playing Penumbra Overture this weekend. It´s terrifying!.
You guys won another buyer for "Unknown".
Great work, that´s how you make a horror game.
EDIT: I just played a little bit more and I have to congratulate you for the sound and music of this game.
Playing it with headphones on is one hell of a experience. I just got scared shitless right after almost gettig eaten by a wolf. And I got scared just because I knocked off some boxes lol
This deal was great, and got the penumbra series well known. B4 this deal only 1 friend had it. This deal matched the orange box for 10$ for me.
Very nice games with amazing gamplay and atmosphere. As for the graphichs, i think they´re fine. The lightning and shadows are already sweet but maybe some textures need a higher resolution. The grain filter, dof and smoke effects are also top notch!

Like jared i´m willing to pay full price for your next game Smile