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Full Version: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0023:01221D16
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That did not seem to help Sad
I have compiled a debug version of the game. It might produce better result
nebej, the debug file does not seem to produce any detailed information.

EDIT: Posted at the same time as nebej, I was talking about the previous bebug file.

Heusse, I don't think this will help since the file is already included with the game but try installing the last version of OpenAL before it was discontinued. Attached below. Your log seem to stop after loading the OpenAL library and since you are running Windows Vista this could be old. Maybe the game is trying to load that library (System32 / SysWOW64) instead of the local Amnesia one. Highly unlikable but who knows.
Here is the new error.log with more information.

The new OpenAL has no effect.
Yes, I fully expected OpenAL to have absolutely no effect. I suppose you have made sure that Avira & Gateprotect are not causing issues by disabling them, right? To cover all bases. Also, do you have any controllers connected to the system?
Avira I had disabled for one try without success.

GateProtect is a separate hardware firewall, which i can not disable. Maybe there can be a problem, if Amnesia need some open ports. If this can be the reason for the error, tell me the port numbers, so I can open them.
No as far as I know Amnesia does not connect to the internet at all. There are no ports that need to be opened. You forgot to tell me whether you have any controllers (or other external devices installed like gamepads) plugged into the system.
It looks like its related to your gamepad. Could you try and disconnect all gamepads and other usb devices (other than keyboard and mice)?

I think i know what the issue is and ill have a build to test tomorrow
Due to the error.log the error seems to happen in "gamepadsdl.cpp".
But I have no active gamepad or other gaming device.
Somtimes I use an USB RC control for a flight simulator. But ist is not connected now.
Isn`t it possible to catch the error in the module "gamepadsdl.cpp" to avoid the crash?

So we have it.

It is the dongle for a RC Flight simulator game with a connection to a real RC device. The RC device was disconnected but the USB cable with the dongle was still inside.

Now, whithout it, the program runs. It's the first program having troube with this. I think the dongle has been yet a very long time on the backside of my PC.

Sorry for your unconvinience, but I hope this issue helps other users with similar problems too.

I want to thank you a lot for your help on finding the problem ... jens, plutmaniac and nebej.

If you need a test for a new version with my USB dongle let me know.

Now I go to bed and tomorrow evening i will start to enjoy (or better frighten) your creation ;-).

Kind regards
Yes, I thought so. That's why I asked about the gamepad/controller. The exact same issue was happening when Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was first released.
Great then im on the right track.
Could you try this with the dongle connected?
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