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Full Version: Problem with creating a skybox..
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I found so many cool skybox textures online and wish to use one of them in my maps, but for some reason it's not working!
Made the same size as the working skybox of amneisa and turned them into dds! But it still doesn't show up in my cs or anything... I never experienced with a skybox before so I really don't know how it works into making one, any tips?

ps: I'm using gimp
Skyboxes are usually images that are based for it. Taking a random image from Google for a skybox usually won't work. Try searching for "skybox" along with your (I'm guessing) Google Search.
It's from an original skybox website thingy...
But the rar file included every different side of the skybox I have and I don't know how to combine all 6 images to 1
Try here;
Also there is a SEARCH tab on top of the page....
Search as i did as well for you.
Good luck!
I think it was Traggey who suggested this tool once: cubemapgen.
I did a couple of skyboxes with it.
Alright, thnx Neelke, Dnalange and Daemen for the quick replies, I will check it out!
If any of the stuff works, I will let you guys know..
Guys the thing didn't work, tried using the cubemapgen but too difficult to use..
A friend who has Photoshop will be helping me out with the skybox, luckily.. I know it has something to do with combining images together of all sides but no luck Confused