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Full Version: Skybox issues after 1.3 update?
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Yeah, so I was just starting up a project of mine and noticed that now, after the 1.3 update has been released, the skybox is no longer working like it should. It IS applied, but from the looks of it, it only displays a single side of the box on all 6 sides. Here's a preview:

Spoiler below!
Brightness and contrast is heavily increased to make it more noticeable.

[Image: FILaj04.jpg]

I'm unsure if this is a Mac specific issue or a 1.3 specific one, but it's either one, or maybe both. The skybox is applied through the script and the file is one of the ones from AMFP, so the files are certainly working. The skybox was working fine before, and nothing has been done to the project since before 1.3 was released, somewhat because the 1.3 Mac editors aren't released yet. I cannot open the old editors anymore, so I can't really do much until they are.

Another slightly unrelated side-issue I found is that starting the game through the launcher doesn't use the launch option in Steam. I noticed now that when you start the game, you get the option of launcher or game directly, and the direct launch starts my IFC and the launcher starts vanilla.

If this is an update issue, add it to the list of bugs to patch.
Seriously? Nobody answers mudbill? He always answers everybody else! That sucks.
I have no problems with the Skybox in 1.3... I have always had problems with orientation and layout, but you get used to it and is usually easily fixable.

I can apply Skyboxes fine in the Level Editor and seem to appear in game properly. Just yesterday, I ended up fixing up two of them, this was one in particular:

Edit: I did this on a Windows ~ so I'm unsure if it is a cross-platform problem or Mac-based only.

(12-24-2014, 04:44 PM)Stolas Wrote: [ -> ]Seriously? Nobody answers mudbill? He always answers everybody else! That sucks.

I was in China. Had you not bumped this as you did, I probably wouldn't have seen it. Tongue
Welcome back bro =p

But yeah, then I suppose this is a Mac-only issue. I haven't tested it on Windows, but I haven't heard anything either. If anyone else on Mac could test this, that'd be great. Until then, I assume this is a Mac issue.
I would, but I'm on os x Yosemite, still waiting on the fabled 1.3 editor update.
If any devs are reading this, I'll pay to get the Mac update. Seriously. Lol
Anyways, I had one issue with skyboxes before the crash,
And that was sometimes it would disappear depending on the camera angle.
I didn't think to mention it cause thought it was user error, as I'm pretty new.
From my limited knowledge, you should be able to get the 1.3 update from wherever you bought Amnesia from for your Mac...
I'm talking about the editor update. They haven't released it yet. (Not sure they will any time soon)
Check out my thread, it'll give you all the details.
The 1.2 editor won't work on the 1.3 atdd patch.
In fact, it barely worked on the 1.2 patch.
Mac users are low priority.
Ahh okay, I misread. Apologies!
Np man, all good here!
Now that I've derailed Mudbill's thread...
I'll see myself out. Lol
Hey. I have a similar problem. After 1.3 patch my skybox is messed up.
Spoiler below!
[Image: Xs0WxQJ.jpg]
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