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Full Version: Things not to do in an abandoned mine in N. Greenland.
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#1 - Wear an orange jacket.

Discuss and add more
Can you explain this a little bit?
Since that doesn't really say anything...
We're making a list of things you should not bring to or do in an abandoned mine in Northern Greenland (kind of like a list of reasons why Mass Effect sucks or how many things you can buy with a large sum of money). My first example is to not wear an orange coat as Philip does. I think he would be harder to detect with a black coat, you know?
Bring a bag of beef jerky along with you.

Keep going further into the mine, even though you can't go back and worse things are further down

Don't head off into a storm acting like you know what you're doing

Don't listen to red. Damn him!
Never say: "Nice Puppy, come here Puppy!"
I'm contradicting my thread topic here: DO bring Cesar Millan with you.
Don't forget to write!
Replace your flashlight, or bring plenty of batteries.

Also, rope? Would've been helpful to be able to just climb back up the hatch when the storm ceased.
^Or you know, stack the ladder on some barrels. But no, that's too difficult, unlike fixing a machine which opens an extremely heavy hatch and entering it shortly after something has been banging on it.
1. Do not go there without full whiskey bottle (at least 6)

2. No need to kill Red. He's already dead (fact)

3. Do not eat the rations what u found! Bring lots your own food (really!)

4. Don't forget watch back when you send email outside world (i mean it!)

5. Don't let Clarence live! That crazy s---head!
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