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When I've found all artefacts in Penumbra requiem, I get a code. When do I use it?
There's a secret in the second puzzle of the game. I guess it was the second one...
Anyways, if you can found something where you can put that code from that place, it's made for that.
Which do you mean?
I don't mean to but in Scraper but you seem to know what you're talking about I'm having trouble getting the chemical sequence right on the mixer I believe I did everything right before hand element 65 and all that I just can't seem to get the sequence right do have a idea what I'm screwing up here ? Again I realize this is an awkward way of approaching you and for that I do apologize
I can't find where I can put it in!
There's computer in the second puzzle. Use it in there.
Though, how to get to that computer is more complicated progress...
I see, but where do I click than?
You should have "Super Secret.rar" file somewhere in your Penumbra folder. You can use it there to open it.

In that room where you found that girl (I dont know her name) you can use that code on that computer's "Schmup.exe" file
@ Klayman:

He's talking about Requiem. Not Black Plague.

(07-26-2009, 01:17 PM)Aliennoffe Wrote: [ -> ]I see, but where do I click than?

I believe you've played Black Plague. Use that computer as the ones in Black Plague.
There is no supersecret in that room! I can't find it!
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