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Full Version: Favorite Penumbra
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Which is your favorite penumbra?
It's tied between Overture and Black Plague. I do like the mine setting in Overture though, a little better than metal hallways. So I'm picking that.
Black Plague, because I play games on hard. In Overture on hard, if a dog saw you, you'd have to hole up and kill it because it really would be harder to run away after you knock it down the first time. After you killed the dog it was a bit more of a cakewalk than I had wanted, but it's good how some of them respawned after a while. In Black Plague, HOLY SHIT HE SEES ME OH FUCK A DEAD END.
I'd say the tech demo - but maybe because the puzzle schemes were unique (not how they were done, but the level layout and how everything fit together, yet the player was totally lost)

Followed quickly upon by Overture, than black plague.

Requiem. Never. Happened.
My list is:
Penumbra overture
Penumbra black plague
Penumbra requiem
Penumbra tech. demo
Overture is a great game becouse it has a unique atmosphere. Black plague is more scary than that, so it is almost as good. Requiem is not the same good, but i like puzzles so it ends up number three. The tech demo is also very good, but not the same good as the others.
Wasn't there already a thread like this?

But on topic:
Might be Penumbra: Black Plague .
Voted for Black Plague.
Everything that was in the demo (except for the Tuurngait encounter) reeked of quality. I can't remember where it ends right now, but I remember the whole beginning of the game being pretty great up until you come to the first "corridor" area. The dream sequences were lovely.
Second would be Overture which had a mysteriousness I don't think Black Plague ever lived up to. Finding out what was down in the mine, figuring out who Red was, what a morse message said, what the rock worms were, finding the Shelter and all such. Can't remember the same level of mysteries in Black Plague except for Philips father, who was one of the less well handled parts of the game. The game also had a great ending compared to Black Plague.
Third would be the Tech Demo which thanks to its dark, silent areas managed to build up a whole lot of atmosphere that many developers simply don't dare creating in a full game, perhaps because the Doom 3 darkness criticism (which really was about the flashlight, but a lot of people seem to have misunderstood that part).
Final comes Requiem. Don't remember much from it, but a puzzle sidequest is what it was to me.

I do ought to replay Overture and Black Plague sometime and reconsider what was right wrong, good and bad.
They are great games, but I believe there still could be some nice discussing what made them so.
1: Overture

I do like the Overture, Especially mine shafts. Overture has the own atmosphere wich is scariest of the penumbra serie. But i hate spiders. 9,5

2: Black plague

I think the BP has 2'nd best atmosphere. The beginning was the best, trusted blood door, major collapses etc. I did'nt like the infected corridor, and residential area. they are so empty. But the examination room, kennel and chemical lab was scary places. Absolutly 2'nd best penumbra. 8+

3: Requiem

About requiem... hmm... I like the puzzles much, so it was what i expected.
Of course there are not monsters, so i was little disapointed, but the levels are just great. Position 3'rd. 7-

4: Tech Demo

I think the TD is great, but in my case it crashes in several places. I managed to play it trough, but i need to restart it at least 3 times. Also i can't change the resolution wich is 800x600. Last position. 5+