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Do you think it should be a difficult game?
Insanely difficult games are the best unless it's in that crappy part of the first person shooter genre where the enemies have no AI, take more damage than the player in the supersuit, have bigger guns, and the only difference between difficulty levels is the amount of damage they deal when just standing there while you have no cover system and can only shoot them with half the accuracy they have. Penumbra was difficult in a good way and Unknown should stay like that.
Don't you ever get tired of making polls? I was hoping that ban would stick on you, too.
Yeah aren't you dead by now?
Don't you like polls like me?
Only hard problem solving, but there should be some challenging areas though. I heard there wouldn't be a lot of enemy encounters in Unknown, but I still think chase sequences and such should be mixed in to provide some difficulty. Afterall it won't be a total puzzle game.
(06-27-2009, 06:29 AM)Aliennoffe Wrote: [ -> ]Don't you like polls like me?

We do like them. We just don't like people trolling around the forums...
(06-27-2009, 06:29 AM)Aliennoffe Wrote: [ -> ]Don't you like polls like me?

Make a poll: "Should I get permanently banned from this forums?"
Who votes Yes and who No?
I vote yes. He just want some attention. I don't get it why nobody can't permanently ban him.
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