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Full Version: Fatal error (strange)
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Hi all I'm new here.
I've searched on posts without results.
i've a problem with penumbra:overture the game crash at the room with chemical bottles
i mean , when i try to get one the game exit to desktop.
Log say "fatal error , couldn't load inventory_chemical_C.bmp (for bottle C) ...."
I've searched in .frictionalgames/image/inventory folder and there are no bottles there, how could it possible ?
where i can get those images ?

Thx for your help, and sry for my english.
ok, i've done by myself.
i've downloaded a chemical bottle image from internet, i've opened with gimp and scaled it to 55 px saved in .bmp format then renamed "Inventory_chemical_A" (or something like this, check your log for real name i'm at work now Tongue).
then copy paste same image and rename until letter F (so Inventory_chemical_A-B-C-D-E-F ).
now you have 6 images , copy those images in you game path inside /graphic/Inventory.
that's all. you can go on with the game.

I think is a installer problem, so pls Frictional correct it for our poor linux gamers Smile
anyway thx for the game , is really scary XD , great !!!!
I moved all inventory_chemical_*.bmp from PenumbraCollection/Overture/graphics/lang_specific/eng to PenumbraCollection/Overture/graphics/inventory and found.