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Full Version: Penumbra on Slashdot
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I forecast a 500% increase in the sales of the linux version.
Yep, and I'm one of them Smile. Haven't played the game yet, but it looks excellent. Like a modern day myst/raven. Can't wait to play it.

For the record, even if this game was awful I probably still would have bought it just based on the fact that the indie developers are putting forth an effort to port it to Linux. Smile.
Same here. Actually I tried penumbra overture a while back on Linux (but it seems the games have been ported again ? So maybe corrected ?). I must admit I didn't really enjoy it because I never found how to open the kind of hatch in the snow, and died of cold, after 5 minutes of game... And it was kinda laggy on my laptop at this time, with a crappy i945.
Anyway I'll try it again, and like kungfujesus even if I don't like it again, supporting Linux gaming is definitely worth 5$ Smile
And another purchaser.
Two more and you'll have verified your 500% !
Another one here + spammed all my friends about this game Smile
same bought and recommended to about 10 others, I think they bought
second game i actually bought, the first being mindrover, way back, just before loki called it quits.

if this were windows-only, i'd have pirated it off a torrent site, like most of my other games.

but since they've taken the trouble to port it to linux, i thought i could sure pay $5 :-)
Please add the possibility of payment via SMS
Just bought the collection too, have no idea what the games are about Smile (looking forward to trying it though). Thanks for supporting Linux!
played the demo and loved it!

bought two of then... $5 dollars was too cheap for a game like that!

Oh.. and just make sure to disable any compositing. I was gertting half of my frame rate. The game works REALLY great on my archlinux box. May try on Ubuntu.
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