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Full Version: Games crash at ingame load (Intros and menu works fine)
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I'm on Ubuntu Jaunty, with an Intel 82945G/GZ onboard graphics.

The menus and intro all work fine. As soon as the actual game finishes loading, the screen is black and hangs. No key combinations seem to be able to recover from this; although, I haven't tried the Magic SysRQ key, as I'm on a wireless keyboard/mouse which don't seem to support that.

Is there a way to download the series for Windows, using my Linux license key? I really do wish to play, and would settle for booting into XP to play it. If not, I'll probably end up torrenting the game, as I think it's only fair that I get to play, considering that I paid for the game, and wasn't given any indication that Intel graphics don't work with the game.
The requirements are nvidia/ati and it specifically asks that you try the demo to make sure the game works. I have not been able to figure out what the exact graphics chip it is on the 82945G, but if it is a GMA950 it won't work regardless of platform. If it is a X3100 or newer then it should work.

I'm sorry but we can't offer a Windows version of the game as that right is with a publisher. says this:

Linux Minimum Requirements:
Same hardware as Windows
Kernel 2.6 or higher(2.4 untested)
glibc 2.3
X11R6 with 3D acceleration
For x86_64 CPU, 32-bit environment
must be installed

As for the little note at the bottom of the purchase page, do you seriously expect that such is enough, given that the game will not work whatsoever if you do not meet a very narrow set of requirements, which aren't made clear?

Perhaps you should update the Linux system requirements stating exactly what graphics system you need, or which ones do not work.
It says try the demo right at the placement of the Buy the game, the requirements says same hardware as Windows.

If you instead ask support for a refund, instead of threats of "torrenting" and screaming it's not fair(that you didn't do your homework), you might actually find a simple solution.