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Full Version: Wrong game start up files provided
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just bought the GNU/Linux series as made me aware of it.

One small ussage thing :
This is a series and i played a demo way back i remember. Why not put a simple
README in the game folder with the following facts :

Tell the people which is game one , two and three for those people starting from scratch and want to play the games in order they appeared.
I assume Overture is the beginging okay but there is "no" statement what so ever anywhere to be found that clarifies it.

Which brings me to the actual problem I'm having after i'm more or less forced to hammer in some commands in the console to find out which is Part one :

-> starts a game , great!

-> starts a game , great too!
-> ./overture Line 3 : file or folder not found !!!

the script is faulty it links to : ${P}/Overture/overture
which does not exist instead there is a Overture/penumbra script.

Looks like this bug is new or i'm the only person who starts the series via CLI ?

Thanks for clarifying/fixing

(07-18-2009, 09:26 AM)tuxfusion Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like this bug is new or i'm the only person who starts the series via CLI ?

I use the command line too, but I directly called Overture/penumbra Smile

By the way, Overture is the first game. Black Plague is the second and Requiem the third/expansion-for-Black-Plague.
Yeah.. I messd up the overture script

the contents is "trying" to run ./Overture/overture where it should be running ./Overture/penumbra

Sorry about that :-D