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Full Version: Order The Games?
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My guess is
Overature -> Black Plague -> Requiem

But people who buy the collection and are new to the game really have no idea.

Also it should be more clear that right clicking settings like gamma will bring the levels down.

I had to hunt the forum for how to, after messing with arrows, spaces, enters, mouse wheels, etc... for some reason I never thought to right click.
That is the correct order indeed.
(07-18-2009, 08:48 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]That is the correct order indeed.

Actually I saw the Collection in a Game store recently and noticed the order of the artwork and the text on the cover says Black Plague, Requiem, Overture. The artwork looks great and I'm guessing you did it that way so that Philip would be visible on all three, but isn't it kind of confusing?