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Full Version: Why no AMD64 port?
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Just wanted to request for an AMD64 (64-bit) port of the game on Linux. I have t working using 32 bit compatibility libraries, but it would be nice to have it working on pure 64 bit.

at the time there was no way to provide a 64bit version as nvidia's Cg was only 32bit and the newton physics library was only 32bit.

I *MAY* look into it for the new game we are working on, but no promises. Really there is no benefit for the game itself to be 64bit, as it will not run any faster and we don't need > 4G of ram:-D
Yes there is. No reliance on there being i386 libraries & support.

(Also, 64-bit isn't just amd64, and 32-bit isn't just x86. Look at what Debian supports…)