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Full Version: Sound is sparky/choppy
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I just installed the penumbra collection on Ubuntu 9.04 and the sound is really strange.

Some time ago I've managed to get the demo working fine on ubuntu 7.10.

I have a built in sound card, I think it is an ac -97 something.

The strange thing is that sometimes when I start the game, the sound is fine, but that has only happened to me once yet. Sad.

Has this something to do with ubuntu or is there a patch somewhere in the making that will solve this?
I've tested the games on 8.10 with an ac-97 and had no problems. It's probably not a 9.04 problem, rather a tweak of the configurations or change to some driver or setting, unfortunately I'm not that Linux oriented so I can't provide much specific help.
Ok, hmm...

I will try and ask in the ubuntu forums and if I find some good answers I will post them here as well.

Thanks for your quick reply
I had the same problem after upgrading from 8.something to Ubuntu 9.04. The sound was stuttering horribly, even though everything else in Ubuntu seemed to work fine, audio-wise.

After some searching I think it's partially due to the "new" audio system Pulseaudio, which still seems to have lots of issues.

So I followed this advice and uninstalled it:

sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
sudo apt-get install esound
sudo reboot

Sound in Penumbra works now. However it sounds a bit low quality and loud noises sound over-amplified and scratchy. Still, much better than before.

Maybe I'll reininstall Pulseaudio in a future version Big Grin
I've been googling around and it seems like most people do have working sound with penumbra and 9.04. I'm just an exception. :-(

Since my sound is totally fine, about once every 4:th time I start the game, I just restart the game a few times, until the sound works before I start playing. I guess it will work perfectly as soon as most of the glitches in pulseaudio has been worked out.

I've only just started playing but the game seems promising though and I don't regret paying 5$ for the whole collection! :-D